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Helping Unite Body, Breath and Mind

About Pamela 

My Story

My name is Pamela Nelson.  I live in Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan on a small acreage with my family.

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years.  I started in my early 20's, and my intention at that time was to use yoga as a way to increase flexibility after long runs or bike rides.  I quickly realized how beneficial it was to not only my strength and flexibility, but also my mental well-being.  I love the openness yoga brings to the body and the quietness to the mind.  I have found it helps with confidence and personal self acceptance. 

I completed my degree in Land Use and Environmental Studies and Physical Geography from the University of Saskatchewan at around the same time I started yoga and find that yoga has helped me keep a deep connection to the earth and keep focused on the health of the earth and how amazing it is in the many ways it provides for us. 

I am so grateful to be learning the Iyengar style of yoga from many wonderful and qualified instructors. 

I am a member of the Iyengar Association of Canada (IYAC) and certified as an Intermediate Junior III Instructor at the national level.

I regularly attends Iyengar yoga classes, workshops and intensives held by senior international IY teachers, including travelling to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family in 2013 and in 


I am dedicated to lifelong learning and committed to sharing my training and experience with students of yoga.

I teach all level of classes including Beginner, All-levels, Intermediate, Iyengar Flow, Gentle/Restorative, Backs and Joints, Senior/Modified and Youth and Active Adaptive Yoga. 

My teaching style is clear, pragmatic and direct yet filled with gentle humour and joy.

I have been teaching in Prince Albert and area for many years at various locations. I have taught in quite a few of the schools in Prince Albert as well as for various companies.

I feel I am adaptable to many situations, yet teach from what I know and try to share this as best I can.  I love teaching yoga in a way that is accessible to all and to continue as is often said, In the Light of Guruji's work.

Pamela Nelson

Christopher Lake, Sk.




PLN Yoga Vision 

Through many years of training and teaching in yogasana and pranayama I am able to skillfully utilize props when needed to help make poses attainable and to benefit your body and health.  

As everybody is different I want to help you reach your personal goals of health and well-being.

Contact Pamela

Pamela Nelson

Iyengar Yoga Teacher

I love practicing yoga and teaching yoga.  Yoga has transformed my life.  Life can be hard, but yoga has been there to support me.  

I hope I can meet you one day and share the joy and benefits of yoga!

Please feel free to contact me.

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